TZZ HOMES LLC works with Real Estate development, administration, construction of houses, residential apartments and comercial complexes. Founded March 18th, 2014 by Thiago Camargo Franzese , Denise Gragnani Scozzafave and members of Madreal LLC, Antonio Carlos Madia, Marcela Madia, Marcos Antonio Madia and Laercio Madia.

Our company is located in the United States, in the State of Florida at 6965 Piazza Grande Ave STE 401, Orlando.

All of TZZ HOMES LLC's know-how comes from its founding members' expertise in this business.

TZZ Homes' commits to enable all of our clients to fulfill their dreams of owning their houses, owning vacation properties, having a profitable investment for a better future, or their own workplace, all with a unique style in constructing, where the grace and practicality of the American lifestyle are present associated with a modern design and much comfort.

TZZ HOMES LLC invites all of its clients to make these dreams come true!



Thiago C. Franzese

Thiago Camargo Franzese, civil engineer, entrepreneur and, since 2000, he is the member of two renowned companies in Brazil founded in 1977, Vifran Construtora Ltda and Franz Incorporadora Ltda, which have a strong share in the Brazilian Real Estate market in the construction of buildings and high-standard residential housing, commercial complexes and land division.

Denise G. Scozzafave

Lawyer and entrepreneur. Has worked in the Real Estate industry for twelve years in the legal and commercial departments.



Madreal LLC is a North American company owned by the renowned Madia Group in Brazil. Founded in 1984 with expertise in Real Estate enterprises, shareholding in several activities, trading and administration of Real Estate. Located in the city of Valinhos, with great presence in the market in the State of São Paulo.